In partnership with the Girl Guides of Germany (Pfadfinderinnenschaft St. Georg – PSG), the AGR launched a programme entitled “Right to Water”. Aiming at raising awareness on the importance of water as a resource, it also advocates for its sustainable consumption.

Participants first attended the national camp and project meetings in Germany in August 2017.  Onceback in Rwanda, they formed a pool of young leaders from 16 districts which implemented/a national action plan. These young leaders further participated in a two-day training in March and are currently sensitizing districtsto water protection.

The project’s first phase ended in July. The PSG team came to Rwanda for a summer camp during which a mutualexchange of information and experience with Rwanda Girl Guides took place.

Apart from the camp, both Guiding teams, accompanied by a trainee from Gicumbi,participated in activities focused on the right to access water in Gicumbi. This activity was carried outdoors and involved the local community. We had discussions about ways to harvest rainwater and provided equipment for water storing. This visit was planned in response to Gicumbiteam member’s discussion with the local authority through which the pressing issue of the community’s lack of knowledge on the sustainable consumption of rainwater arose.

By providing water harvesting equipment, we expect a growth in the community’s sensibility to rainwater as a water resource and as a source of growing erosion.