Speak Out, starting in 2018, is a four years projectfocused on the fight against sexual Gender Based Violence (GBV) among teenagers. It briefs the youth on sexual reproductive health (ASRH), Human rights and other life skills such as leadership. It is funded by UK Aid Direct through action Aid Rwanda and implemented by the AGR and the Faith Victory Association in four targeted Districts: Karongi Nyanza, Gisagara and Nyaruguru.

The AGR organised sessions in spaces, empowering 5,600 girls from 45schools in four districts with the help of 280 mentors. The programme kicked off in July 2018 and started with staff training with the objective of achieving a common understanding on the project amongst all parties involved. The 280 mentors also received a specific training in session delivery and regarding theirmentoringrole.

From July to December 2018,the project has managed to recruit 280 mentors, equip 280 safe spaces with necessary materials, register 5,600 girls in their safe spaces and deliver one session per week.Each safe space accommodates twenty girls and is hosted by one mentor.

Speak Out is implemented by AGR inpartnership with ActionAid Rwanda, Faith Victory Association under the funding of UK Aid Direct.