Amahoro Amani is a programme that promotes peace in the Great Lakes through peace clubs. It is implemented by the Scouts and Guides associations of Burundi, North Kivu, South Kivu and Rwanda. With the aim of supporting and strengthening Peace Clubs, the AGR rolled out the new educational curriculum for the community mediators to enrich their experience as club supporters and expand the reach of the programme, while fostering its impact on young people’s lives.

In September, the Rwandan Scout Association hosted a joint training of Trainers in peace in Musha Sector. Both scouts and guides exchanged on their own successful practices concerning the promotion of peace and held peacekeeping sessions in guiding/scouting units and the community in general.

In October,the AGR also hosted the Gender Equality conference in partnership with Rwanda Scouts and guest speakers, invited to inspire the audience. All the attendees left determined to promote genderequality because/as it is one of the main ways to get/obtain sustainable peace.

The project came to its end in December 2018, though some reporting activities continued.We are looking forward to more opportunities where Girl Guides can contribute to peace building.