Since 2010, the AGR made its youth centre available to the Kicukiro District. It now serves as “YEGO Centre” for Kicukiro District, deliveringHIV prevention and Reproductive Health Promotion programmes aimingat improving the health of Rwandan youth.The centre offers effective, behaviour change communications, and comprehensive, youth friendly VCT, sexual and reproductive health services. The centre also mobilizes, builds capacity and advocates for youth initiatives that lead to economic and social development as well as to a productive and patriotic Rwandan youth generation.

The centre intervenes in has three main sectors:

Education and work:

We want to build/enhance young people’s performance in the education system, their employment competency and leadership skills. The centre offers computer and internet skills to facilitate CV writing and online job hunting. We also provide vocational training opportunities and encourage the youth to take advantage of government funding opportunities as well as business-oriented and entrepreneurship opportunities existing opportunities. Youth cooperatives are also encouraged to meet the demands of their communities and adapt to a changing world market by creating their own micro-enterprises.

Health and wellbeing:

We focus on the improvement of young people’s health and wellbeing. The centre provides health services including HIV/ AIDSscreening, family planning and counselling in Sexual Reproductive Health. The centre also encourage development oflong-term healthy habits and lifestyle choices. The centre thus has created open access clubs including adventure, basketball, football, handball, karate, volleyball, fitness sessions and mentoring programmes.

Community engagement:

Every day, young people attending the centre show their amazing gifts,talents and social skills in various activities. We boost their volunteering opportunities, enabling them to develop the confidence and social skills that are required to exert positive change in the community and society as a whole.