Our History

Guiding in Rwanda began in 1962 with the help of members of the Guides Catholiques de Belgique, but, due to lack of support from local leaders, interest in the Movement dwindled after independence later that year.

In 1967 Guiding was revived as a branch of the Scout Association.The Girl Guides set up their own organization, the Fédération des Guides du Rwanda, in 1972, with a small team responsible for administration.

The Federation was composed of two Associations, the Association des Guides Catholiques and the Association des Guides Protestantes. A proposal was made in 1974 to form a single association, and this idea was accepted two years later by the first National Assembly.

In 1977 the Constitution was accepted at a general meeting, a permanent national team was appointed, and a work plan was drawn up. The Association des Guides du Rwanda (AGR) received official government recognition in 1980.

Unfortunately, many members of AGR were killed during the 1994 Tutsi Genocide, and obviously the organization’s infrastructure were destroyed. Thanks to Pfadfinderinnenschaft St. Georg, the Guides Catholiques de Belgique and other partners, AGR re-started its work in Rwanda. With the Peace Campaign (Campagne d’Action pour la Paix), the Guiding movement resurrected, re-animated the members and re-built the Rwandan community.

in 2002, AGR became a full member to the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.